I got this letter from one of my past clients. I thought I would share this with you! I work very hard for my clients, and it is so appreciated when someone recognizes it!

From David Bahr, professional racing instructor,
25 Hours of Thunderhill Champion

In your real estate transaction, you want Darrell as your agent. Here is why:

I just went swimming for the first time in my new pool. I knew nothing about swimming pools. Darrell has the knowledge and took the time to educate me about pool maintenance and costs, and even explained the pool mechanicals. In short, Darrell has the knowledge, freely shares it with his clients, and goes above and beyond a “typical” agent.

Darrell has lived in the Valley of the Sun for decades and has made a lifelong profession of residential real estate. So he has amazing in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods and how they are changing, the current and historical state of the real estate market, and the details of negotiating and closing your transaction. Darrell helped me write an offer that gave me the best position from which to close my deal.

Darrell has a tremendous knowledge of the “bricks and sticks” of residential construction. Darrell understands different insulation ratings, can explain the advantages and disadvantages of tile roofs over asphalt shingles, and knows when double pane windows came in common usage. He knows the advantages and disadvantages of different builders. He also has vast contacts in the business. He was able to recommend a good roofer, the best pool cleaner, and an very good home inspector. Darrell also had excellent recommendations for lenders and I was able to get a very competitive mortgage.

Darrell is immersed in the details of real estate transactions. He knows all the tricks and hurdles and uses all of them to your benefit. As your agent Darrell treats your transaction as if it were his own and will use his knowledge and experience to get you the best possible outcome. Darrell consistently demonstrated the highest level of integrity in protecting my interests, while searching for a house, writing an offer, and throughout closing.

Every real estate deal has its’ hurdles and mine were an onerous, obstinate and unresponsive seller, combined with a seller’s agent that was completely absent from the transaction. Darrell stepped up and aggressively protected my interests. I had an 18 day closing period and Darrell was there very step of the way, shepherding my transaction to a successful conclusion. When closing deadline approached late on a Friday afternoon Darrell stepped in to personally visit the title agency and ensure we closed on time.

Bottom line, Darrell consistently went above and beyond all my expectations, when searching for a house, closing the transaction, and also after closing. At every twist and turn he was there for me and Darrell protected my interests like it was his own deal. I give him my highest recommendation. Darrell is the agent you want, don’t settle for any other!

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 6:24 pm by Darrell J. Covert, CRS, SFR, e-Pro