Should I fix those things needed to sell my home or just offer a buyer an allowance?

I've been asked this many times and I thought I would pass the answer to you. Buying a home is an emotional feeling. Since the 1980's, the allowance just does not work! If the eyes can't see what is liked, extra dollars will not gain the seller the best price or even an offer! 

If a buyer sees a repair that shows neglect on the seller's part, they will wonder what else I can't see that needs to be repaired. New carpet, tile, fresh paint in neutral colors goes a long way in staging your home for market. A repair that would take a couple hundred to actually repair the problem, the buyer rationalizes as being thousands off the seller's price. If you a thinking of the lazy or cheap way to fix a problem that covers it up or doesn't repair the problem correctly, just don't do it. If the buyer doesn't see the problem, the home inspector will, and the repair may cost you more to repair it correctly the second time around. Here's the paradox for the seller. The buyer sees the defect or the update needed he sees and takes thousands off his offer to you, then after the inspector finds the defect, the buyer legitimately asks the seller to repair it anyway. Don't put yourself in that situation.

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