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Until a few years ago, a buyer didn’t always have the support they needed. Under traditional sales practices, the agent who helped you find a home was actually a subagent of the Seller. This meant the  agent was legally bound to the Seller and not you. for a while in Arizona, agency or the relationship between the agent and you, must be disclosed to you prior to submitting an offer. You may elect for your agent to represent the Seller, represent you as the Buyer, or  have Limited Duel Agency.

I offer you all these services to make your home purchase experience a smooth one as your Buyer‘s Agent!  

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Consult, Search, Evaluate,

Negotiate, Manage the details

  • Provide advice to help you make an informed  decisions.

  • Safeguard confidential information that might weaken your  bargaining position.

  • Act at all times in your best interests!

  • Use advertising, marketing, and computer database to locate the right property for you.

  • Give you complete information about schools, services, shops, and taxes.

  • Locate and select properties that are not currently on the market.

  • Help you evaluate the pros and cons of specific properties and locations.

  • Advise you of known environmental hazards, known zoning changes, and economic issues that can affect the property’s value.

  • Advise you regarding the most favorable price and terms to offer.

  • Be your advocate throughout the process.

  • Advise you regarding the best financing for you.

  • Stand by your side as we go through loan processing, inspections, and closing escrow.

  • Provide timely updates and orchestrate the details as your advocate 

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